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Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Hello Creature. :: Author Project!

Today I found a very interesting creature in the park. After getting to know it a bit better, it turns out we are very alike. It is quite shy and likes to lead a simple life, though the colours that it surrounds itself with, made me feel at ease. It is kind hearted and was willing to tell me a bit more about its life.It can stand up, but much prefers to sit down.  It's got a big hood to keep the sun out of it's eyes and protect itself from the wind. The hood also acts as a way to ward off predators, with it's complicated patterns.While it is resting and observing the world, it can make new additions to it's outer body. This one is still quite young, as you can see from the mostly white skin- but as it gets older and evolves, it will become more wise and have more stories that are told (in a language all to it's own) through the knitted patterns that will be attached as they are finished. You can already see one brown circular story.When it gets tired, it can change it's position so to rest its eyes. The hood also comes in handy here, making it possible to sleep at any time of day. You may notice that it's ball of wool has disappeared- it likes to store things inside it's outter shell/skin for safe keeping. As it grows older, it will become more nested into it's spot and probably fatter.I asked it if it can move around, and it demonstrated, with difficulty getting up into a standing position again. Although it is young, it moves slowly and like a frail old lady. Sometimes it even makes small noises of discomfort if pressured to move too fast. Luckily it is peaceful and most other beings that it interacts with are understanding and often come to it for advice or a snuggle.
(Alice was kind enough to take these photos for me today. [: Thanks! Edited by me.)


  1. Wonderful pictures to demonstrate your creatures personality, qualities and challenges Kim. Very well thought out and portrayed. That hood still blows me away!! Bev.

  2. I can just imagine how colourful your creature will be when it is old and mature ..... colourful instead of wrinkles ...... much more interesting. Bev.