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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Costume in Progress! :: Author Project

This last week has been great- the Workshops with Rita and Marie have been incredibly helpful and illuminating! These are a few shots from Friday, of my costume in progress. Made a basic hood (first time ever!)And did more sewing on my body suit. These bottom photos are what I had finished when we all did our little 'presentations' to Joceline Howe at the end of the day.
"My creature can't move- it's immobilized by the restrictive sack of skin it lives in and tends to like to sit or ly down in it's environment. While it's there it can do some crafts (**this got quite a few laughs, as I took out my knitting dramatically from inside the sack**), to keep itself busy. It keeps a small supply of yarn and things inside it's skin, and can take it out to work on it when it feels like it. When an object is complete, it can attach the object to the sack to make it's home more like a nest. Overtime, it will become more comfortable and more 'nested' in." That's basically what I said, along with my primary needs being: Crafts as 'magic' or therapy (That's how it feeds or nurtures itself.), Comfort (building the next), Honesty (and humility, and trust- all handmade), Colour (the materials) and Senses (arm holes, a hood for seeing).

Here is a little photo of my workspace from friday. (Big ass thermos full of tea- much needed!)


  1. oh kim your course looks so fun! and loving your costume so far! AND yay for the knitting bag in the bottom photo :) hope you are doing fab, missing your face xxx

  2. Looks AMAZING ..... just like YOUR world ..... LOVE IT. Bev