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Tuesday, 7 February 2012

Fact + Fiction. Studio. Exhibition,

I was going to post this on artequalshappy but it got wordy and long. putting it here as a document.

Hello! It's been assessment time around the Camberwell Illustration department. 1st years had thiers, we just finished ours and the 3rd years were looking pretty stressed today labeling all thier work. It's customary for the 2nd years to put on a little show around this time, celebrating the work we've all be doing over the last Unit.

We've done three main projects called, Fact, Fiction and Publish where our main goal has been to really progress in our personal development. As you can probably guess, one of the projects is based on something factual, and another something fictional and the third is all about ways and means of publishing the work. Basicaly. Kind of.

There is a huge range of work up- and it was definately a challenge organising and sorting all the work so that the exhibition flows nicely. We put together a nice (small!) team of self-motiviated individuals to sort out the hanging on the show, and I've been heavily involved in it (obviously not standing on ladders. I'm dreadful with balance these days). The kind of opportunity to get together and be incredibly pedantic about placement and spacing is pretty rare & although you can't always please everyone- I think we did a great job for our first crack at it.

It's so good to have done this because that means that we will be just that much more prepared for our Final Show this year AND our 3rd Year Show! I can see good things ahead, people!!!
It's also been amazing to see my knitted pieces up alongside all the drawings and paintings and prints. Kind of put tears in my eyes. Ok. Maybe it didn't. But because I was trying to be cool. Actually- I'm not cool. The point is: This year has been a really rocky road for me and my work. After all of foundation and 1st year being 'beaten down', it finally started to rise up and grow again! I'm feeling like my work can stand up next to the rest- but that it's also different enough to be mine- and that it's come a long way. Obviously there is still way more to learn- the road is l o n g. But this is a good check-point. So, I guess I'm just checking in to say that the show looks amazing and EVERYONE has put in tons of hard work, and the quality/talent is amazing. Gosh, guys- I'm just so proud!

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