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Thursday, 26 January 2012

Type is driving my crazy!!! :: FACT

I want the book to mirror my blog but not look a traditional block of text. It's driving me a little mad. I thought of handwriting all of it- but, besides taking ages and not having the time to spend- it wouldn't be as 'bloggy' as it needs to be. I dipped into my selection of type and pulled out all those I use regularly on my blog. After going through them all, I swerved back and forth between them and then these stuck.
Really don't want it to look too 'cut and paste'. but must be readable.
Too blah.
Too in your face.
Too hard to read.
Too 'slapped on'.
Too dark. Too light.
Too slick. Too comical.
By playing with the colours and the dropshadow, I've come to something that will be ok.
I don't know. IS the typewritery font too 'cliche'? Do I care? (well, yeah. I do care.)
Looking at some of my pages side-by-side I'm wondering if they go together. (This spread won't have two titles. Just testing) Is this still going to appeal to 20 year olds... or is it getting too 'grown up blogger' like.
hopefully I can do handwritten titles for all the pages- but maybe a bit of the script would be nice on the more instructional parts.

I'm not even sure about this drop shadow...
But, it does help some of the drawings 'stand up' from the page.

BTW 2 colours:

the 'black' bits up there are like 85% black.
the creamy bits are like 2% teal 5% black.
The pastel/crayon bits are usually 50-90% of one colour.
Playing with the mixing. I'm excited! Keeping it simple though. I don't want too many tonal bits.

**and yeah. I know there are spelling mistakes.

1 comment:

  1. This is a bit beyond my attention to Fonts, etc. (I normally stick with Arial,12 in 'boring' MS Word!).

    However, I like the curly font used for the headings, and prefer it in (bold) black.

    Body text, I think, is easier to read upper and lower case (UPPER CASE IS LIKE SHOUTING - but you know that!).
    The black background is almost impossible (for me) to read.

    Summary, typewritery font (first picture) gets my vote, and black,curly font headings.

    Keep on writing!