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Thursday, 10 November 2011

Misc events/exhibitions. :: Unit 6.

Textiles In Sussex- a big hall full of experienced weavers and spinners. Some exhibitions, some traders stalls and some very friendly and helpful ladies who taught me several different ways of weaving! Amazing. (more photos in my FACT project sketchbook).

Also- Read my Renegade Craft Fair adventures here.
You may have to scroll down quite a bit to see some of the photos of the actual event. I had a stall there & it was a pretty big deal, that I planned for about 6 months. Because I was a vendor, I didn't have much time to look around- let alone take notes- but there are a lot of photos of my booth and my experience at that link.

Below is a page of notes and also a scan of the little 'goodie bag' or 'make your own' kit I got when I went to a Craftivist meeting. About how to combine crafts and activism. Really sparked my interest. Met the lady who started the London group and we had a good time chatting about issues and how she started it and what it's all about. A really good cause I could get behind. About raising awareness without being aggressive or telling people what to do. I stitched a little banner (in the scan of the kit 'Love is the Answer'). Oct or Nov.

Since Nov 2011, a few girls and myself have been meeting every wednesday night for 'Camberwell Craft Club'. Below are some notes on our 'ethos' and ideas if we ever wanted to make it a bigger deal.

The Power Of Making at the V&A (and part of my notes from the Fairy Tales lecture).

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