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Saturday, 12 November 2011

some thoughts. or worries.

weaving is okay.
knitting/spinning is still my favourite.

i messed up my crit the other week. just tired and hot and brain fogged. didn't feel prepared.
finding it hard to stay 'above water'. not just because of illness- but because of my 'point of view'.
am i crazy?
i have such a hard time with this.


it is challenging for me.
that's why i picked it.

i could take photographs or sit and knit all day- no problem. i wanted something that wasn't going to be easy. i wanted to push myself. i wanted to be challenged. i wanted to challenge the subject.

i wonder if i was right to want all that.
i think so.
just sometimes i feels too hard.

"If it was easy, everyone would do it."

something else (beside drawing) of mine that could use improvement, is my articulation of what's in my mind. i think important things, but do not say them with the same weight. in fact, when things come out of my mouth they sound unimportant.

i need someone to tell me i'm not crazy and that i should keep going and what i'm doing is worthwhile- because i'm not so confident about that right now.
hopefully i will find that confidence again soon.

in the meantime- i suppose i really ought to practise my drawing skills. or get some drawing skills at least.


  1. Kim, don't let it get you down. I love your drawings and I'm sure so many others do as well - they have a wonderful, almost naive quality to them which is beautiful and hard to achieve intentionally. Not everyone gets it. ;) So keep it up!

  2. You definitely aren't crazy!! I know exactly how you feel with struggling with a project, and explaining ideas. I hate explaining my ideas so say hardly anything which ends up making them sound rubbish and as though I havent put any thought into it. Try writing your ideas down, as you think them, nobody has to see them but it could help. Good luck! And keep drawing, some days you might just feel like you can't, but you can!! I struggle with drawing too, but trying every style, and learning not to worry about the outcome helps, drawing with your eyes closed for example!

  3. It is not the easy path but it is the right path for us!
    I struggle with that alot aswel, because i'm always pushing myself and challenging myself and i end up feeling a a failure, or that im rubbish.

    Drawing for me is definately one of these things.
    A strong moment at london college of fashion is when i spent hours one night trying to sketch something to be told it was rubbish next day infront of everyone.

    keep on truckin!

  4. Nothing worth achieving is easy

  5. Also, I can relate to this a little bit from when I did my art foundation - I lost my confidence in a way and went the 'academic' route instead. But I love keeping up with your illustration course - and sometimes wish I was still doing it too! So you're definitely right to stick with it. I'm trying to keep drawing too, and agree that it is difficult to get down to. But I'm sure that you will get there :)