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Monday, 24 October 2011

I saw some medieval tapestries and felt better. :: V&A Bluebeard.

So, I went to the V&A to see the Postmodernism show, with my group. I tried really really hard to understand and appreciate it- but generally I feel like the 80's were a mistake. So feeling very uninspired and like the whole world had everything upside down- I wandered around trying to find the Textiles room- to draw some beautiful handmade embroidery or brocades. I desperately needed some craft and wholesomeness and the honesty of workmanship to make everything feel sane again.
Unfortunately. The textiles room is gone. They are putting it into storage and we now have to make appointments to see it, once it's all fixed up again. Bummer.
But, I did stumble upon some magnificent stained and painted glass- with an endless supply of pattern upon pattern. (see above sketches) That lifted my spirits somewhat.
And then I found the Tapestries room. Oh! What a joy. A room with high ceilings and lots of empty space. Air Conditioned, cool and dark with benches all along the middle. I had found my new favourite spot.
The actual tapestries themselves are too big and too wonderful to put into words. They dwarf any sense of power or importance you have and humble you to the core. The amount of work gone into these astounds me. Fair enough, they were commissioned by some ridiculously rich guy who probably hoarded it in his castle of dreams. But I appreciate it. I feel like somehow, the makers of them should get a warm fuzzy feeling of worth when I look at them, even though they are probably just dust by now. To have something live on. oh. marvels of marvels.
I took watercolour paper with me and my handy little waterpen. I got so far (see above) and then was informed that it's dry materials only. gutted. but i understand. these are so old. so I continued with pencil. Kind of a fun surprise.Didn't stay for too long this time, but I'm sure I could lose whole days to that room.
I added some 'colour notes' when I got home.
Just the dose of inspiration I needed.
See you soon, Tapestry room,

1 comment:

  1. I am jealous beyond words.... Tapestry is my favourite. I can only imagine what it would be like to see some of the older ones in person. Lucky!