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Tuesday, 8 May 2012

External Disk Failure.

Always got to be kicked when you're down.

Stretched myself to the limit last week to help other groups film their programs.
One tired weekend in which to finalise my Channel programs (and sort out my new backup disks).

3am this morning- BAM! all gone. 2 months worth of videos and 4-6 months of photos. Gone. Bye-bye.

Not only are ALL of my original videos (minus some of the Ariel footage) for college are gone- but so are all of my original memories from 2012. Basically anything that's on my blog/facebook/vimeo I've still got- but I had stacks of stuff lined up waiting to be edited and blogged about.

I don't know how my assessment is going to go now. I mean- what am I supposed to put in my 'sketchbook' pdf now? At least I had my final version of Tie and Dye with Kim. But all of the sam and jack footage is gone bar one 4min clip.

Besides loosing everything- I'm completely bummed out because even when I go out of my way to produce work- like, tire my self out and actually do more than my body will allow- I get slapped in the face by things I can't control (or could prevent if I wasn't so ill). And it's not like me to just not have another copy, I was busy swapping over my files from smaller harddrives to a much bigger one. And then  I was going to make a second copy- but I never got that far.

I haven't slept in a day and half so I better go do that.

Hopefully I'll have enough to show and feel more like it's a fresh new start (instead of a sinking hole of sadness and lost memories).


  1. sending you actual love. life is sometimes unbelievably unfair :(

  2. awww i hope you feel better after sleep.

    reading this has made me worried now, protect the data :(

    we all loose things sometimes, just hope you can focus on your project or recover any of it?


    Barnicles x