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Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Blackheath Christmas Market! :: Fundrasing.

This year, at college I was lucky enough to be involved in Two christmas markets! One was in the afternoon, in the 3rd year Illustration studio and was organised by them. It was nice with the smell of mulled wine and chai, and paper chains all over the studio. The lovely lady who organised it was super sweet and they made me feel at home (even though I was a second year. haha).

Then, at 4:30- it was off to Blackheath to participate in our year's market. It was our first fundraiser for our final show and went pretty well! A lot of the class had tables- some selling cakes or christmas cards or prints or cute badges, and some with vintage or homemade chutney! Yum! There was also cute workshops for kids! Blackheath is a sweet little town and we loved being there. My camera battery died earlier so most of these photos are from people on facebook (thank you!).Jazz and I had stalls next to eachother. Obviously. [:
I wore my festive elf hat, and had yummy Pecan Tarts.
Saara and Alice made delishious chutney. And Ali was rushing around organising everything. Amazing!
Jazz's table looked great! She's been doing a lot of lino-cut prints in her bedroom, and painting ceramics! Those christmas pudding cards are my favourite. [:
And Ame selling her christmas cards on Etsy! Some of them are Letterpressed (see below) and others are handmade. She's pretty clever.
Yay! Friends and Crafts and Merriment all in one place. It was a perfect (admittetly busy) day. kxo

**Copied from ArtEqualsHappy**

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