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Wednesday, 31 August 2011

Blog posts from the summer.

I haven't been posting here, because I've been working at Prick Your Finger, been on hoilday in South Africa, recovering from an illness setback AND been getting exciting things ready for my shop for Renegade.
Here are some relevant blog posts that probably should've gone on here as well as Art Equals Happy:

AUG.29. Old scrapbooks.
AUG.27. Making Swatches- process.
AUG.25. Featured Artist for Kara Haupt's Class: This&That. (see kara's nice words here.)

AUG.18. Some drawings from Byron project.

JULY: See all adventures from South Africa here.

JULY.19-27. Drawings from Spitalfields from 1st term.

JULY.18. Drawing to Music from 1st term.
JULY.11. Tour of my home studio (photos by Amy).

JULY.06. Renegade Application.

JULY.04. More Byron Sketchbook.

JUNE.27.Budapest sketchbook-drink labels.
JUNE.17. some of my photography up on Prick Your Finger. (more to come!)
JUNE.16. A sock's progress.
JUNE.07. Bedknobs and Broomsticks- films.
JUNE.05. the knitting designing process, some casual photos.

JUNE.03. The Drop Spindle.
MAY.16. Putting up final show things.
MAY.14. Jazz's zines in my shop.

MAY.11.Byron drawings.

It's a full time job keeping up a blog. phew. Excited for 2nd year. There will be few changes around here- just updating the sides and banner and things to give myself a fresh start. Regularly scheduled programming with resume shortly.

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