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Sunday, 24 April 2011

Analogue vs Digital.

Someone posted a link to this article on twitter. It chats about young artists who are going back to older methods of technology to produce a slower, more 'real' sound/look/piece. Made me smile a lot. I support these kinds of adventures. I think that craftsmanship can be directly linked to the way in which an 'artist' goes about creating something. I also think that the older means of production allow the artist time and head space to really think deeper about the subject or life while he/she is creating it. For example, producing a print in a darkroom takes time, skill, patience, knowledge, the ability to stick with something for longer- and you get a beautiful print. Something that has been considered and loved and I think that warmth really shows through in the end result. Getting it printing off of a computer is too 'instant'. (but can also be great for mass production and a time saver)

I do, however, love technology. I think used in the 'right' ways it can be an incredible tool to aid your lifestyle/work. Not to mention a great platform for people to communicate with each other and to express opinions- like I am doing, right now, with this blog.

I was reading the comments of this Guardian article- and I saw a lot of 'haters' there. Saying that we are idiots for ignoring the digital processes available. Saying that it doesn't matter what you use to produce something. (come on. a process should be considered and used for appropriate reasons, whatever kind of process you end up with!) Even saying that the modern technologies outstripped the older ones because it does everything and more. Hmm.

Honestly- I think you need to have a happy balance. That goes for anything in life. And, I'm a somewhat expert at that- dealing with CFS teaches you to realize that too much of anything is bad for you. It applies directly to art as well. Spending all your time on the process will eliminate you from the chance to get involved in the online community- a really valuable resource waiting to be tapped in to. But if you work solely on computers (or what have you), you will also get sucked into what I call a 'screen coma' where you are really blind-sighted by the 'false reality'.

So, I say- Go and do stuff by hand, it really is magical. You will learn so much and feel way more connected to what you make. But also, learn this new technology! It can be a great tool to aid you in your quest.

(I don't like arguing points. I don't like debates and when people use mindless hurtful phrases to try and 'shock' people into believing 'their side'. I try and avoid these things. But I thought it was helpful to post my thoughts and opinions on this, as a 20 year old studying Illustration and very involved in Craftsmanship. This is what I think right now.)


  1. Thanks for sharing a good article+opinions, Kim.

    I personally believe the modern technology will never beat analogue methods/tools. Especially when people overuse it and rely on it too much - like these days, everyone's so obsessed with 'latest' stuff.!

    The phrase 'Oldies but Goodies' says it all. And it's not just because I am a fan of 'oldies', but the problems that new technology causes. When the term 'e-book' came out to the world, people got so excited that they don't have to carry heavy books and finally they can save their energy from 'turning the pages by hands'. To be extreme, I think it is a load of crap. Same on navigation/tom tom - they are less correct than paper maps, so why do you pay for over a hundred quid for a piece of junk that will piss you off while you drive a motor.?! (also you'll have a classic argument with your girlfriend "I told you that was the wrong way. You should've asked to other people.") I really don't see the point of all those 'gadgets' people are craving on. Of course, modern tech brings us more comfortable and hassle-less life, but most of times it brings a total disaster by being too complicated for people like...me.

    But yes, as you pointed out technology can be very useful when you use it in a right way. People should know how to control themselves not being so influenced by media which hypnotises you every day to buy NEW stuff, saying "NEW things are ALWAYS GOOD" "You don't want to be lame, do ya.?" "Everyone's having this, so why don't you have one.?" - simply, creating more and more fashion-victims.

    I do not agree at all with those comments on Guardian's article page. They all sound 'moronic', as if they don't care about history of the world. But well, they're only living in 'cyberworld' aren't they.? Those kind of people do not create nor contribute anything to our society. They only consume the things others have made.

    This is a bit different story, but I see a lot of people who are saying that London is the most beautiful modern city in the world. And I just laugh, bitterly. Modernisation has brought so many changes, big and wee, to this city. London used to be a VERY historical, important place in Europe. However, over the last few years I have seen a lot of changes - knocking the historic, beautiful buildings down to build some new modern shite, spending a lot of money(OUR money) on building a posh stadium for the Olympics and the frustration on people who had to move out because of the planned development in East London area), pimping out the old traditional markets(Camden Town's, Portobello, Borough...)... Now we see more skyscrapers than Victorian houses in the streets. We crave out for NEW and SHINY MODERN tall buildings that nobody uses(there're hundreds of empty 'unused' skyscrapers, some are even in a half-built abandoned condition.) But for what...?

    My comment gets longer and longer(and probably harsher and harsher) so I must stop(moaning) here.

    I just wanted to say that we all have to know that the modern technologies are 'developed' based on the old ones, not they are 'invented' from nothing. We need to have at least a bit of respect to the culture/inventions our ancestors have founded. + My apologies for me being such a gobby.!


  2. Rev.v.AME!

    It makes me so sad to see all the historical buildings torn down to be replaced with ugly new buildings that lack character and, frankly, are badly made! Everyone is so concerned with cost and how fast it will take, that important issues like quality, longevity and craftsmanship has been pushed to the side. In the long run it would make sense to MAKE DO AND MEND!

    I know exactly where you are coming from, thank you for posting your comment- it was a delight to read. We should sit together and grumble about white, 'ikea' bathrooms and the like.

    Hope your easter is going well. [: kxo

  3. Yes we can surely do that.!
    My Easter has been okay although I am a bit stuck on the project at the moment...Plus the dvd I ordered hasn't been delivered yet and it gives me a lot of pressure at the moment. (The person I'm working on is so unpopular here the libraries don't even have his the most famous dvd...) I might have to download it in the end. Pirate's life, ha.!

    Anyway I wish yer project is going well.! Am looking forward to seeing others work. Seems like I'm the only one who has such a bastard to work on. LOL

    Have a GOOD week (although we have an unfortunate Fri...) !!!