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Thursday, 3 February 2011

Author Project!

Hello! I've been a bit quiet- been a bit tired and fighting that feeling of losing 'myself' again now that we've started back at college. It's really amazing being around such talented natural illustrators but it makes me feel a little sad too. I don't know- maybe it's just the fact that I don't draw as much or as easily as they do. Maybe it's that I'm more of a natural crafter? Maybe it's just that I get nervous drawing/making in public and my nervousness clouds my thinking which is annoying. Maybe it's just that I've got lower energy levels and my friends on this course are motivated and actually use their time productively? It's actually really inspiring. But I guess I just hate feeling left behind. I don't know if that's the right way to say it- I just don't like having to sit at home on a day like today (getting work done) but not having the energy to actually go into college or stand up for more than 5 min. It's a bit of a downer.

BUT good things areeeee that I have a pretty good idea of what I'm doing for this project. Wooooo! AND Jazz, Dave and I did some tie-dying yesterday! It's been on my list of things to try for years and years! Super silliously addicted now. Just bought some dye off ebay and plan on basically tie-dying my entire life (ok, that's an exaggeration). haha. But it's really awesome. Pictures of what we did when they are dry!

I thought about making this post, a VLog- talking about the project as if I was presenting my ideas to the class (in the Workshop on Tues I found it incredibly helpful to hear what other people's ideas were, and just talking through it seemed to solidify ideas)- BUT then I couldn't sleep last night and ended up sketching out all that I wanted to say- so I'll just show you that instead. [:

(p.s. i'm sorry about the really shoody pictures. just quick and easy today)

I realize it probably makes little to no sense because I haven't explained my original idea- that will come. I kind of just want to get on and start making!!!


  1. Oh I'm glad to see some of your designs. I still feel totally lost with this project and I also didn't manage to get into college today as I'm ill. How far along with this project are you as you look like your about to start making, lots of designs and things. At the moment my project consists of a sleeping bag and fairy lights... Will you be in tomorrow? x

  2. I've been feeling lost about this project as well. Ha. Only last night I managed to have a solid idea about how my costume would look like, and now I've got only one day to make it.

    Anyway, you draw more than me so you're doing fine.! I'm being a total punk in this term.