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Friday, 24 December 2010

hey, remember that summer project?

Well, I still have some photos from then that I haven't shared. Here they are! The first one was 'Religion' and the 'never felt like home' is something about america.

And this crazy doodle page is 'Hobbies'
And to refresh your memory of what they all looked like together...
(Expectations: see things differently, have an obsession, be ready to try new things, have courage, work hard and be nice to people.)
Possibly my favourite set of images I did was the 'Hopes' set. Here they are:

(this is more about finding the right thing that works for me that will make me successful- not that i want a lot of money. haha.)
(this is one is about hoping that I can cope.)

And lastly, I've neglected this 'hope' for the last term because I've been so focused on DRAWING. I think that's right. I think it was important for me to step back from trying really hard to do 'my thing' and just focus on how to draw! To be honest, learning to draw or at least learning how I draw was on the top of my list. It's probably my biggest insecurity. Everyone in our class seems to know what they are doing, they can just come up with things from their brain that looks amazing. I really struggle with this 'imagined' part of drawing. But I've noticed that after spending so much time this term focusing on specific tasks, that I've gotten (I wouldn't say 'better', maybe more in control) more comfortable with drawing from all different types of situations. It's really helped and I can see a huge difference- especially when I think back to this time last year- when I couldn't even draw a face. :]

So, I guess what I'm tring to say is that I'm excited about this new year, and hopefully incorporating my craft side into my work more obviously. I've been sneakily working on my knitting skills in the evening- but that's another post.


  1. Kim, I just love the set of photos with all your different art pieces on the wall. Such lovely colours, textures and images. You make me want to get my art journal out again! Thanks for the inspiration.:) Hope you have a Merry Christmas!

  2. im in love with ye work i swearrrrrr

  3. I just love LOVE these! I'm so happy I found your blogs! :)
    XoX Mervi