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Monday, 6 December 2010

Diner Chair sketchbook start.

I've been really behind with blogging and this Diner Chair project so, I'm working hard to catch up on it all. Went to Budapest with the college last week (or the week before... I'm losing track here) which was incredible, I'll do some updates on that later. In the meantime, deadlines deadlines.
Here are some favourites from my sketchbook for the Diner Chair so far. (I've put a watermark-my name- on these, just in case they end up on tumblr without credit like some of my other sketchbooks have)

Found a lot of lovely images of 40's/50's cars from library books. Playing with using found images and drawings together. mainly just practice, but I like how organic they look.

Again, more photocopies from library books, cut up and rearranged.

Then, with some left over images, and papers from my stash (and old magazines)- trying to think about all the things that went into the inspiration for the chair.

Moving on from the cars... a bit of Happy Days drawings(more in the book). I'd like to go back and do some drawings from screen, wasn't really happy with any of them.

thinking about text. and then- there's a lot of notes from my online research (which i didn't scan) and them some drawings of different kinds of exteriors of the Diner through the ages. I was really fascinated to see how different they are.

I know it's all a bit away from the actual chair, but I think it's important to get a good overview of the culture and history of where it was used, as it's quite unique. I've still got more research to sift through and make into something that makes sense visually.
Been really enjoying using pencil more. I've used the same one for all the pencil drawings in this book so far, and it's nice to see all the different marks it can make, just worried it might get a bit smudged in the book. Anyway, rambling now.

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  1. my favourite chair in the whole class! absolutely love it:)