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Friday, 10 September 2010

hello there

and welcome to my blog especially for my time being a student on BA Illustration at Camberwell! I keep a regular/daily/main/personal/shop blog (or whatever you want to call it) here: ArtEqualsHappy (average 150 views/day). You might even know me from there. Also, there are links to more places you can find me in the sidebar. If you wanted to e-mail me, you can: kim(at)artequalshappy.co.uk

Most of the stuff that I will post here will be assignments or inspiration/artist research. There are links to 'categories' just under my banner so you can see things in a more orderly fashion.

This is all about learning and growing so not everything here will be pure gold art genius. haha. It's about learning from my mistakes, so be prepared for some ranting about how rubbish I am too.

If you're on my course too- feel free to follow me and let me know! :] I'd like to have some links in the sidebar to wonderful talented people that I go to school with, so make yourself known.

The header is a photo taken by a dear friend at the begining on my woolcollectingmadness. I collect a lot of wool. I knit alot. I also spin. I live by myself and have a little cat. It's heaven. You should come visit sometime. I make milkshakes for anyone that wants one.

What else? I'm in 2nd year now. I love to do craft/zine fairs so if you need vendors, just let me know!

p.s. i don't always have bluey green hair.


  1. You're so cute :) I love your new blog!

  2. hey kim, your workspace is such a creative place.