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Monday, 21 November 2011

Knit bluesock01Having made several pairs of sucsessful simple socks, I attempted a rather long, complicated Gentleman's Sock from a book on Vintage Socks. The pattern was taken from an old Victorian style sock and were made on teeny tiny needles (2.5mm) that are still bigger than what the ladies back then used to use.Knit bluesock02I started off well. The rib is quite perfect, in a plain colour and even and stretchy enough to get a foot through.Knit bluesock03Then I started in on the main body, and decided to use a colourwork pattern I had made and swatched up beforehand.Knit bluesock04Of course- being quite new to colourwork, (not yet mastered the art of 'two-finger knitting') I didn't think to add in extra space for the stranding, and so this sock is much much too narrow to get a foot in and much too big to be for someone smaller. Still, I continued with the different heel and funny toe (adding in the colourwork, to add strength and fun spot). This was certainly a test in patience and quick fingers and after making this, I have a whole new understanding of what 'traditional knitting' is like. I (unfortunately?) fell in love with the small needles, and can now do this colourwork pattern with my eyes closed. Knit bluesock05Knit bluesock06Although it's not very practical, I am very glad I've finished this little gem of a piece, because if it stayed in my bag forever unfinished, I'd never feel like I could move past and forward from here. It is a very odd shape, and can be twisted and folded and placed to make a variety of make-believe animals (haha!).

I would love to do another sock like this (a new pair) and see if I could do it properly.
p.s. Did you know they used to have a 'seam stitch' at the back of socks, that would be a purl and marked the begining of the round? Like stockings. So charming!

**Copied from ArtEqualsHappy**

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